Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of most frequently asked questions if you can not find the answer to your question on this page please feel free to e-mail or call us with the question and we will gladly answer your inquiry.

What is a ToolsAway?
A ToolsAway® is a compact devise for storing long handled garden tools, brooms and mops etc.

How big is a ToolsAway?
The actual dimensions are 22 1/4" wide x 9 3/4" high x 6 1/2" deep. It takes up only one square foot of floor space.

How big are the holes for the tools?
The "holes" are actually tubes and the inside diameter is just over 1 1/2". The tube size is big enough to hold even the large yellow fiberglass handles of some tools. We have not yet found a round handled tool that will not fit.

How many tools will a ToolsAway hold?
There are eleven tubes and two side compartments for odd shaped handles. The ToolsAway® will hold anywhere from 13×17 tools depending on how you place them. According to our survey, most people have 15 or fewer long handled tools.

How high do the tools stack?
The ToolsAway® when filled with standard length tools stands about five feet tall. The ToolsAway® is so compact that it can be used in tool sheds and carport closets even with a ceiling height of as little as six feet. Depending on how you organize the tools, the full width of the tools in place is five feet or less.

Do all of the tools fit the same?
You can place the tools in any way that works for you. You can put the more commonly used tools in the front for easy access or put the short ones in the front and the long ones in the rear or vice versa. The ToolsAway® it´s self has a built in stagger because the rear tubes are three inches higher than the front set to allow for easy access.

How heavy is the ToolsAway?
The ToolsAway® weighs approximately six pounds.

Is it sturdy?
ToolsAway® is very sturdy! It is made of heavy duty impact resistant plastic. The wall thickness of ToolsAway is at least 1/8 inch thick with the outer compartments being 1/4 inch thick. Also it can´t never rust and can be easily cleaned with a garden hose.

What happens if I break it?
So far it hasn't happened. We had an outdoor display that weighed over 100 lbs. filled with tools. It was picked up by the wind, raised off the ground and dropped face down on the ToolsAway®. The only damage sustained was a small crack in one of the retainer clips. Something not likely to happen unless you live in a Kansas tornado belt.

What color does it come in?
Like most plastic, it comes in black which is the best for UV protection. Would you want a different color? What color?

What about assembly?
ToolsAway® does not come assembled. If you follow the instructions it takes about three minutes to put together. If you want to be typically male and not look at the instructions it could take you an hour. Women never have a problem. So if you are male and can't get it to work give it to your wife, or teenager and let them do it. Also, it is supposed to "wobble" until it is snapped together. The "wobble" is there to allow enough "wiggle" to get the tubes aligned when snapping it together. Each tube has at least two different angles, therefore the need for some wiggle room.

How do I install it?
ToolsAway® is easy to install. It comes with a set of 5 "WallDog" screws for a standard wall installation. It also comes with instructions and suggestions for various types of alternative installations such as studded walls and cement foundations. For standard installations a Phillips screwdriver will work. For cement or studs you will need a drill. The same screws will work on any surface. (If the WallDogs are not available we supply screws and mollys.) We have tested the "WallDogs" on sheet rock, wood, plywood, cement, brick, block, and even plastic & metal sheds and they worked on every installation.

Does it need to be attached to a wall?
Yes. The only way we can make ToolsAway so compact is to require attachment to a fixed object in order to hold the weight of the tools. The problem with freestanding tool holders is that they fall over and injury people and property. We want you to be safe in your garage.

Can I install it on a door or above the floor?
Yes. We have a special kit available to allow door and other above ground installations. These are available in limited quantities.

What about storing my small hand tools?
We recognized the need to store garden hand tools and have some attachable buckets for that purpose. They clip to the sides and have a handle for ease of transport to and form the garden. They are available on our web site under accessories.

I have a cement ledge in my garage. How do I install a ToolsAway?
You have two choices. You can drill the concrete and anchor the unit with the suggested anchors or you can get a "Door and Wall Kit" and mount it above or on top of the ledge.

Does it really work?
Yes! It will work as we have stated or package it up and ship it back to use for a full refund your purchase price.

What if it falls apart?
Once the ToolsAway is mounted to the wall it is almost impossible for it to fall apart. If you drop it before installation simply put it back together. If you have any concerns you can use ABS glue and it is "welded" together. Be very careful if you decide to glue it, you only have one chance. Once it is glued, it is that way for ever. If you mount it above the ground even using the "Door & Wall Kit" we recommend that you glue it because of the extra weight it must hold.

I don´t have a garage. Can I still use a ToolsAway?
Yes. ToolsAway® is weather proof and can be mounted to a garden fence, deck, porch or on an outside wall preferably under an overhang to protect your tools.

What about the grabber handled tools? Can I store them in the ToolsAway?
Yes. The side compartments are designed for that purpose. In our surveys we found that most people only have one to three of that type of tool. If you have more than that there are other products available. You can get two in easily into a ToolsAway®.

What are some other uses for ToolsAway?
ToolsAway® can be used to store any items that are up to 1 1/2 inches in diameter. Such items include fishing poles and nets, pipes, tubes, moldings, mops, and brooms, basically anything you can imagine that has a round handle or any other shape with dimensions of 1 1/2 inches or less. It makes a great gift for the gardener in the family.

I´m a contractor, will it work in my trailer?
Yes and NO. ToolsAway® was designed to fit in tight spaces and be secured to a wall. The tubes are simply too short for bouncing around in a trailer. The tools will bounce out. However, we have tested the ToolsAway® with longer tubes and it worked very well. Simply get a length of ABS 11/2 inch pipe about 13 feet long and cut 5 x 15" and 6 x 12" sections. Using ABS glue, generously apply glue and attach the 6 shorter pipes in the back and the 5 longer ones in the front. Do the bottom section first and then the top. In our testing these lengths seemed to work well.

Once I order it, how soon do I get it?
Typically within four to six weeks. It depends on availability and which shipping method you choose. (We can usually get it to you in a week.)

Can I use it without attaching it to a wall etc.?

Does it come with installation hardware?
Yes. The Screws and or wall anchors are for standard sheet rock wall installations. The screws can also be used to attach to studs and other types of wood. For masonry installations, we recommend one type of fastener but there are to many possibilities to include them all with the product. NOTE: We are now using a new screw (WallDog) whenever it is available. It is designed to use with any surface. We have tested it and it works.

Can I mount it above the floor?
ToolsAway® is designed to rest directly on the floor. If needed you can place a piece of wood etc. underneath it to raise it up or make it level. If you want to mount it on a wall, we recommend a "Door & Wall kit" for proper installation and usability.

Where is the best place to install it?
Because of ToolsAway's compact size and sturdy construction you can install it in just about anyplace that is convenient for you. In the garden on a fence. In a tool shed. In a closet. On either side of your garage. On the front or side of your workbench. With the kit even on a door. Use your imagination.


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