How Do You Organize Your Tools?

Get Organized!

Save Time...Save Space

Eliminate Clutter

Have you ever looked for a tool and couldn't find it? Pulled one tool off the wall hanger, only to bump the next one and have it fall off and hit you or your car? Stored all of your tools in the corner of the garage and knocked them over trying to get the one in the back? Bought a fancy tool holder only to find out it was too tall for your garage? I have! That's why I invented ToolsAway®

"It's space-onomical"

What do we mean by "space-onomical?" ToolsAway® takes up less than one square foot of floor space. You can store and retrieve most tools in less than six feet of headroom. You can actually store tools in a tool shed or carport or closet. The tools take up only four or five feet of wall space and stick out from the wall only 18 inches. In that limited space you can organize and store as many as 15 tools and each tool is retrievable without knocking over the rest. You can arrange them to suit your needs or the season. Think how good it will feel to put your tools away in a ToolsAway®.

What makes it so easy to use is the "Splay."

What makes ToolsAway® so easy to use is our unique, award winning design that incorporates
3-Dimensional Splay. Watch the animation to find out what that means.

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It works just about anywhere!

ToolsAway® is what you need at the right price.

Finally! A garage organizer for garden tools that is easy to use and actually works!